The Benefits of Living a Drug-Free Life

drug-free life

Today, we experience a lot of problems with drug and alcohol addiction that we didn’t experience in past decades.  Substance abuse is a much more serious issue now than it ever was before, one of which needs to be focused on and addressed sooner rather than later.

One of the biggest reasons as to why people abuse drugs and alcohol is because they do not know enough about drugs and alcohol and why they should not be taking part in them in the first place.  A lot of people think that it is okay to take drugs and alcohol, and a lot of people have the idea that substance abuse is an acceptable activity when it most definitely is not.


Being sober, engaging in sober living, and living a drug-free life is worth the effort. A lot of people also do not realize the benefits of living totally free and clear from drug and alcohol addiction. There are many of these. For example:

When people stop abusing drugs and alcohol, they experience total freedom from the chemical dependence issues of drug and alcohol addiction that they had not yet experienced. When people stop abusing drugs and alcohol, they no longer rely on the chemical dependence issues that come about as a result of taking drugs and alcohol. They are free of those cravings and are thusly able to focus on other, positive activities that are not drug and alcohol related.

People become emotionally stable and independent by not using drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abusers struggle constantly with not being emotionally stable or reliable. Substance abusers are prone to outbreaks of emotional insecurity and other various types of manifestations. When people abuse drugs and alcohol, they are absolutely unpredictable. When they are clean and sober, they are mentally and physically stable.

Stopping drug and alcohol abuse allows them to begin to experience financial freedom. It is very expensive to abuse drugs and alcohol. Having a drug habit can cost tens of thousands of dollars annually. When one stops abusing drugs and alcohol, they free up their finances greatly and are suddenly able to survive better in life and livingness in general.

When people stop abusing drugs and alcohol, they are able to avoid arrest, incarceration, and other types of legal ramifications that could negatively affect their ability to live free. Abusing drugs and alcohol is illegal.  Having an addiction to drugs and alcohol is also illegal. If one is caught doing these activities, they can face serious prison time. Not abusing drugs and alcohol creates freedom and a great deal of personal choice for a person.

Another reason to not abuse drugs and alcohol and to live a clean life is that being free from drugs and alcohol makes a person a much better parent.  That is the truth of the matter for this one too.  When people abuse drugs and alcohol, they really do perform poorly as a parent. This can get so bad that such individuals will actually get their kids taken away from them because they are doing such a bad job of raising their children.

Being free from drugs and alcohol creates a clean conscience. This is another reason why people should live drug-free. Inherently, natively, people know that drug and alcohol addiction is bad and that abusing drugs and alcohol is bad. When people abuse drugs and alcohol, deep down inside they know that what they are doing is wrong. When they are free from drugs and alcohol, they don’t even have to worry about this.

Life without addiction is something to strive for, and truly something that is worthwhile!

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