Finding Your Purpose: Why It’s Important in Recovery and in Business

Finding Your Purpose

We all, as human beings, have some form of purpose in our lives that we are striving for.  Whether we are striving for it in a really big way or in a small way, we still work towards some kind of purpose in one way or another.  One way or the other, we all have our own purpose that is unique to us and to us alone.

The variable factor here is how we go about pursuing that purpose and how we go about achieving that purpose.  This is the ultimate factor here and this is what sets us apart from others.  Some have really big purposes and strive to get them on huge levels.  Witness the humanitarian, the soldier, the entrepreneur, the business CEO, the church volunteer, etc.  Others have smaller purposes, or even negative purposes, such as the drug addict, the criminal, the cheater, or the dishonest person.

One way or the other, though, we are all trying to achieve our purpose in some way or another.  So, more specifically, how does one do all of this without damaging one’s own personal health?  I hear a lot of talk these days about workplace balance and all of this other stuff having to do with balance and ease and relaxed mentalities and ideas.  To a degree, I feel like that is all for the birds, though there may be some truth to it when it comes to our overall health and vitality as individuals.  When it comes to our basic survival necessities, we do need to be mindful of how hard we are working so as to protect our health.

But we can’t let that prevent us from working hard to achieve our goals in life.  We need to be able to create, set, and strive for our purposes in such a way so that we can come out winning in the long run.  We need to work hard, and we need to engage ourselves tremendously in our endeavors to find success and happiness in the long run.

How to Achieve Purpose While in Recovery

Working to achieve purpose while in recovery is an entirely different prospect.  It is a harsh endeavor and something that one has to work towards day in and day out to achieve it successfully.  It’s not easy by any means at all, and striving to achieve it can and should be done and done quickly too.

Recovering addicts need to be able to find purpose just as badly as anyone else does.  The goal and the plan for such individuals need to be to dedicate themselves wholly and completely to their missions and their plans in such a way that they can come out winning and successful in the long run.

For both engaging yourself in business and recovery, finding your purpose is what is necessary and needed to achieve success in both areas.  Your purpose and your zeal to achieve things will be the driving force that helps to push you forward into a new life and into a new recovery for yourself and for your loved ones.  You must push forward and unlock your purpose, and you must engage yourself in a focused objective of trying to achieve that purpose and all that goes into it. With purpose, you can have a mission, a goal, and an objective to achieve.  With purpose, you can work hard and think harder to get what you want out of life.  With purpose, you can strengthen your sobriety and your recovery too, and you will be more valuable in business as a result.

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