4 Ways to Inspire a Loved One in Addiction Recovery

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Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse crisis issues, in general, are certainly all very harmful and concerning crisis issues and problems.  People who are in any stage of recovery, whether still in rehab, freshly graduated from rehab, in recovery for a few weeks, or in recovery for several years, anyone can experience hardship and strife at any step or stage of the recovery process.

Finding encouraging words for an addict can be tricky because we so often do not know what to say.  Saying something is better than saying nothing though, and it is quite important to definitely say something because it is crucial for such individuals to be able to feel as though they have support in their recovery and to be able to call upon that support when they need to.

Recovery inspiration, believe it or not, is often the key thing that allows recovering addicts to create strength and stability in their recovery and in their abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction crisis issues.  Even just passing on something like inspirational quotes for recovering addicts can make all the difference.

Ideas for a Loved One in Addiction Recovery

Listed below are four ways to help a loved one who is in the process of going through an addiction recovery:

  1. Regularly send inspirational quotes for recovering addicts to your family member or love one in question. I have included a whole list of them at my site.
  1. Meet with the person in question and help them sort out whatever is going on in their life that is disturbing or harmful for them. Really, actually do this.  It is immensely workable and successful.  All you have to do is meet with them from time to time not even that often, but with some consistency, and just sort out and work on those aspects or areas of their life that they feel they need help with.  Do this on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.  Help them sort out whatever current, right here and right now struggles that they may be faced with at this time.
  1. Insist that your person in question involve themselves in goals, ambitions, careers, jobs, hobbies, and activities that inspire them. “If you want to meet the devil, do nothing, and he will come,” is the saying that applies here I believe.  Make sure that your family member or loved one is busy, active, and overall very well set up as far as activities and ambitions that would give them inspiration go.
  1. Make sure that your recovering addict is placed in a position where they are engaging in some kind or sort of support system or network for addressing recovery and the maintaining of sobriety or abstinence from drugs and alcohol. This is really very key and it is worth your time to make sure that your loved one is actively involving themselves in groups and in activities that support and stabilize recovery and abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction.

At the end of the day, you can help someone all you want, but it will have to be their decision and their effort and their actions that they take to stay clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, you can help a lot by making sure that you are doing anything and everything necessary to create a stable and well put together framework of ideas and habits that are helpful and well thought out in their own way for your loved one.  In doing so, you will be better off in the long run and able to help your loved one stay clean and sober for life.

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