From Addict to Entrepreneur

People often ask how I managed to go from being a long-time drug addict to owning my own drug rehabilitation facilities. The key to my success is the result of having a purpose I was passionate about, and then setting goals to make it happen. Self-motivation and hard work also played a big role in my success.

One thing I learned during my time as a drug addict is that it was up to me to make the change and get my life back on track. No one was going to step up and do it for me. After four failed attempts to overcome my drug abuse during those 22 years, I entered an addiction treatment program, and the rest of my success story is a result of personal motivation and determination to make a difference, not only for myself, but for others as well.

After getting sober, I was unsure what path to take. Did I want to return to being a number one GM car salesman, or try something different? Looking closely at my strengths, experience, and the things I was passionate about, it became clear to me that I wanted to help people in the same way rehab helped me. Now I had a purpose, but no money of my own to get things rolling. This obstacle forced me to summon up my sales abilities and convince a bank to loan me the money I needed to open my own rehabilitation facility, and from that point on, my programs continue to help thousands of addicts overcome their addictions and enjoy fulfilling lives.

If I could give any word of advice to a struggling addict, I would say you need to stop being afraid, stop making excuses. Give yourself a chance to be better and then put in the effort to make it happen. Admit you need help, and reach out for it. The first step is up to you.

My journey from addict to president and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation has been the experience of a lifetime, and my purpose in life is to eliminate addictions and help others reach their full potential. If my story convinces even one addict to seek help, then I have accomplished something worthwhile.

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